Grandma Colwell

There’s always something special about grandmas. Lucy was one of those special ladies. In this letter she relates three short stories about her grandmother.

Lucy writes:

My Grandma was (my mother said) a person everyone loved. She was a mid-wife, also the mother of 17 children, two sets of twins and one set of triplets.

A man in a grain wagon stopped by their home. One of his “hired men” had a barley beard in his eye and they were on the way to Fargo to have it removed. This man asked Grandma if she could help him. She had the man sit on a chair and just looked at him. Then she raised his eye lash. Put the rough side of her tongue on his eye and removed the barley beard.

Mother said the man said “I will forever be grateful to this old lady and remember her in my prayers.

Mother said I sat at the bottom of the stairs (2 years old) and cried + cried when Grandma died. They had to take me up stairs + show me that she was really gone.

One time at the table my dad accused her of feeding me too much too fast. In an Irish accent she said “Sam, you mind your own business. I take care of this child.”

(Guess this is something I just thought about.)

Lucy Letter 007