New Car and the Dime Store

The tradition of the “Dime Store” is one that is firmly planted in my mind, too. The Woolworth store in Jamestown was an important part of my life for years. They sold everything, or so it seemed to this small town boy. They had clothes, gifts, a lunch counter, and even records. I have two distinct memories of the Jamestown Woolworth’s. One was the purchase of an LP, Freak Out, by the Mothers of Invention. Listening to their music now they seem quite tame, but compared to the Top 40 music that was playing on KSJB in those days, Frank Zappa was way out there.

Lucy writes:

When I was about 10 years old my Dad bought a Ford Turing car. It was black and had to be cranked to start. Many people suffered broken arms trying to start them.

We would go to Fargo and shop for school clothes. New shoes were the most exciting part of the day. Our mother sewed our clothes so we never bought dresses.

When it was lunch time we would go to Woolworth’s dime store and sit on high stools and would have hot dogs. On the way home Loly, Pat and I would sit in the back seat and have “Bismarks” filled with jelly.

The car had cloth side curtains instead of windows and there were pieces of isenglass inserted in the cloth. I also remember getting very cold.


New Car

New Car