Grandpa’s Birthday

Charlie & Alice Heath

Charlie & Alice Heath

There’s quite a difference between my family and Judy’s. Lucy’s family lived close enough to each other that visits were not unheard of. My mother’s family lived several states apart so rarely visited.

Another difference was the depth of religious influence on the families. My family went to church as required, but this was different!

Lucy writes:

Mother would gather us all together and announce “Grandpa’s coming!” Now he was 6’4″ tall, wore a black suit with a white stiff collar, and was about as handsome as a man could be. He was also “terribly” religious. We had to hide all the playing cards (a sin) and all the music that wasn’t hymns, and he called my mother “Daughter.” Now every night before going to bed we had to get down on our knees on the floor, by a chair, and he would pray and pray and pray. Well Pat, Loly and I would all be at the same chair, and could not be quiet for very long, so would giggle. Grandpa cleared his throat – we’d stop. I thought it strange his (2nd) wife called him “Reverend Heath.”

One day he asked me to make a bag for him to carry his shaving things in. When he died it was sent to me. I will always treasure it – rusty, faded and old.

Grandpa always preached in our small church. I was so proud. He would sing and the church would be full of beautiful music.

He drove a very high old Ford coupe. Mother really thought he was too, she said, “silly strict.” I’m not sure she approved of his ideas. I loved my grandpa.

Grandpa's Coming!

Grandpa’s Coming!


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  1. I love Grandpa stories…still miss my paternal grandfather today. He was a pillar in his community as a doctor, not a preacher. But, your story makes me remember what a great man he was.

    My favorite lesson he taught me was that we had to eat all of our lunch that Grandma packed for us when we went fishing, “If we take any home with us, she won’t pack as much next time. So, have another cookie!!!”


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