Flora Judge Corser and the “Seance”

Paper Mill in Millers Falls, MA

Paper Mill in Millers Falls, MA

There are some stories I’m just dying to know more about. This is one of them. I’ve never been to a seance or even known someone who has been to one. (Although I now realize that Jim was one of those who had actually taken part!) As we’ve seen, Jim was not one for religion or even spirituality. He embodied all of the teachings one typically learns in church, but he never enjoyed setting foot in one.

Many of the other letters from Jim reveal his love for being at the lake, driving around in the boat, sitting at the dock with a glass of beer or whiskey, or just relaxing on the deck with a good mystery. Since there weren’t any lake experiences in his North Dakota childhood, maybe this is where he got his love of the lake? Sadly, he’s not around to ask any more.

Jim certainly instilled a love of the lake and a love of camping in me. This letter gives me some inkling into the history of that love.

Jim writes:

Sometime in 1941 Dad married his fourth wife, Flora Judge. She became my third “mother” or stepmother. I never knew …

Jim Letter016

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