Uphill Both Ways to School

Photo from Pixabay.comHow many of you have heard the old folks telling the story about walking to school, uphill, both ways, into the wind, and it was snowing? This is that story. The real one. She doesn’t mention the stones they had heated on the cook stove and put at their feet to ward off the winter chill.

Compare this experience to today’s children driven to school in the SUV with booster chairs, air bags, seat belts and air conditioning. This is where the grumpy old man starts talking about how pampered the youngsters are today. If the pace of change continues the way it has since Grace went to school in the thirties and forties, life will be pretty exciting at the end of this century. I’d love to be there to see it!

Grandpa Guy Havelick



Grace writes:

There are little things that keep popping up in my memory like “picking crocus out in the pasture behind the school house.” One spring there was so many blooming + the teacher let us all go out and pick them. They were a welcome sign of spring.

Goodmans, the neighbors to the west of us had an old grey horse that Blanch + Edith drove to school one winter. They would pick me up and we would all cover-up with lots of quilts to keep warm + the horse would take us to school. She knew where to go and didn’t need much steering.

There was plenty of snow for sled to slide on and on real cold days it would make a special squeak on the show that only a sled drawn by a horse can make. They even had some sleigh bells on it.

Grace Letter 014