The City Jail

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State School of Forestry, Bottineau, North Dakota

Drinking today isn’t quite the free for all it was fifty years ago. This is one of those stories Jim would never have breathed a word of without being able to hide behind the anonymity of a letter. Few of us loved beer (and the occasional Bourbon) as much as Jim, but this story is one that should only be told by someone who experienced it in his twenties.

I could tell similar stories about drinking. (Maybe someday I will, since Jim thought it was OK.) Louie has a story about a ride in a police car. Fortunately for me, my young man partying never landed me in “The City Jail.”

Jim writes:

Some things that happen to us are better left unsaid but on the other hand they are part of the past and deserve telling even tho they don’t always compliment us …

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