First Date

Judy & Guy at Prom in 1970

Judy & Guy (left) at Prom in 1970

When I was in high school my friends and I went to a lot of dances. There were dances at the KC Hall, the Masonic Temple, the Legion Club and the high school. My interest was much more in the bands than in the girls, at least for the first couple of years. The only ones that had “dance cards” were at the Masonic Lodge. They were more formal, especially compared to the KC dances.

The memories that stick in my mind about the dance cards were that the last dance had to be slow, and the last two dances had to be with my date.

Lucy writes:

When I was twelve years old Delos Burley (He was called “Fuzzy” later because he was a very hairy person.) It was a party at Halloween time. When he stopped to pick me up he told my mom “She’ll always be my girl.” He was half right because we were always good friends. At that party we “bobbed” for apples. I was trying for one and …

Kenneth Larson pushed me aside and Fuzzy pushed him over. Thought that was neat. Of course we went on horseback and the fall evening was so nice.

Mother started something that night that was to be a pattern for a life time. She came out in her robe and wanted to know all about my first date. Each time I came home late – she was always awake and I would tell her all about it, as much as I wanted to that is.

There was “Community Club” started by Dr Gowenlock. First there would be a business meeting, then a band was hired and young people from all around the country would come. Once a month.

We would sometimes have 6 dances ahead. I don’t suppose they do that now. There was also a bowery dance and big bands were hired for those. If you didn’t have a dance date on Saturday night, Evy and I made her brothers takes us along with them. Whether they wanted us or not. Barn dances were big then also.

First Date

First Date