High School in Steele

The house in Steel that Grace boarded at.

The house in Steele where Grace boarded.

The one thing that jumps out from this letter is the comment about going to school twenty-three miles from the farm. That was so far away Grace rented a room to stay in town during the week. In today’s world, in fact in my world of high school, 23 miles was not a big deal. How many of us think nothing of going out for dinner or to a concert that far away, and drive home in the middle of the night, in the middle of winter? Many of you commute farther than that every day. Transportation has improved a lot since 1936.

Grandpa Guy Havelick



Grace writes:

My first two years of high school I went in Steele. We lived about 23 miles from there, so I stayed there during the week. In my freshman year I roomed with Ruth Marston and shared a room with a girl from Dawson who was a year older than me.

Sometimes if the weather was bad we would stay the weekend.

Grace's Whole Wheat Pancakes

Grace’s Whole Wheat Pancakes

Mrs. Marston always made us a big breakfast of whole wheat pancakes + syrup or oatmeal + toast. She did make real good pancakes. I got the recipe from her and still have it.One year I stayed with Mrs Selland. She had a couple girls + two boys + boarded a couple other kids too so there was a houseful. It was more fun staying there. We would all walk to school together + sometimes have snowball fights. There was a young good-looking man – teacher that the girls all swooned over. Don’t remember his name though. After school we would all go to the corner drug store for cokes.

High School in Steele

High School in Steele

Thanks to brother Chris for scanning Grace’s recipes.