High School

Lucy's in the back row with the Tuba. Gardner High School, 1936.

Lucy’s in the back row, far right, with the Tuba

In this letter, Lucy recalls high school as being a happy time for her. Both Judy and I have fond memories of high school, too. There’s something special about not having any real responsibilities to keep you awake at night. The most vexing part of school might be the boyfriend / girlfriend issues. In Lucy’s case, it was Hubert. For me there were a couple of good friends who happened to be girls, and one very special girlfriend. Those were happy days.

We enjoyed our high school days, but there’s something even better. Your own children in high school. There’s a certain vicarious pleasure in hosting the various parties and dinners for the kids. Judy and I were able to blend in with the wallpaper as the kids partied, laughed, and had their nervous conversations with their dates. They were so full of energy and eagerness.

Now we are waiting for the grand children to start the high school days. It’s only ten more years or so.

Lucy writes:

In high school freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors were all in one room. I guess my high school years were about the happiest time of my young years.

Each year we would go to Casselton and have relay races, basketball throw, potato races, (potatoes would be spread and you picked them up one at a time and take them to home base), high jump was my best, because of my long legs I guess.

In the spring of the year we would go to Casselton and sing – quartet choruses, trios and duets. All the small consolidated schools would participate. My last 2 years in High School I directed small instrumental groups. I planned on doing that someday I thought, no money for college however.

During that period of my life the Great Deptession was at its height so all of the girls had home made clothes. Of course my Mother was a great seamstress. She would cut out the dresses and I would run the sewing machine. I always loved working with my mother. She was a beautiful person. Boys were starting to look just about all right. There was a Senior “Hubert” Heart throb but he didn’t know I existed of course.

Lucy Letter 018