Best Friend in High School

Grace and friend in high school

Grace and friend in high school

Every summer the carnival came to the Stutsman County Fair in Jamestown. Grace and her friends went to the county fair in Kidder County intending to talk to boys, my friends and I usually went to go on the rides. Some of those rides must have been the ones Grace had in mind when she made the comparison to the ones she went on in Steele.

The county fairs marked the high point of the summer. After the fair not much happened beyond swimming and fishing, the fair was the big event. Once I discovered girls and could drive them to the fair, I enjoyed those summer nights much more.

We still love to go to the county fair, but now the focus is the grand kids.

The part about fixing up her bedroom is actually quite sobering. We didn’t have much to fix up my room during my high school years, but it was far better than a peach crate with ruffles. The comparison to my children’s rooms and their kids’ rooms is another light year away from peach crates. I’ll add my room during the high school years to the list of things to write about in a future blog post. In the meantime, maybe you’d like to share what your room was like in high school?

Grandpa Guy Havelick



Grace writes:

My best friend in Steele was Mary Ann Pletan. Her dad bought into the garage there with another man + they moved to Steele when we were sophomores. We would stay overnight with each other and go to shows + talk about boys.

One time we went to a carnival and went on lots of rides. We were both mad at some boys and we went on the most reckless rides we could find. Those rides were pretty tame in comparison to the ones they have at amusement parks now.

Grace's high school glamour shot

Grace’s high school glamour shot

She always had such pretty clothes, I thought. I learned how to put things together to be a little more fashionable. We dreamed of being models when we got out of school. That summer Mom helped me fix up my bedroom at the farm. We painted the walls light blue + I got a taffeta down quilt that was blue on one side + rose on the other. We made a dressing table from peach crates and a board with a ruffled skirt around it. Melvin brought me a pink lamp + a mirrored jewelry box when he came home on leave from the Navy. It all looked pretty nice + didn’t cost much.

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