Have you ever done something you didn’t even know you had done? I just discovered a success that was a surprise to me!

IMG_1215In a recent post, I wrote about my love of lists. Another post talked about some New Year’s Resolutions. Those two items, plus reading the book by The Minimalists, led me to think about what was on those lists, specifically about hobbies. The Minimalists recommended doing things that you’re passionate about, possibly not your job.

If you look closely at my New Year’s Resolutions for 1998 you’ll see something about refocusing on hobbies. I had been truly worried that there wasn’t much on my plate, since there didn’t seem to be any real hobbies. My friends were into music, pottery, fishing and all sorts of other manly hobbies. I wasn’t aware that I had any, so I built another list of things I might do in retirement. Looking back, I’ve been working on this list for almost twenty years. Maybe more. Friends tell me they have trouble with figuring out a hobby, too. How many times have you read an article exhorting you to “find your passion?”

Many of my friends have delayed (or considered delaying) retirement because they don’t know what to do with all those extra hours. I didn’t delay retirement, but wondered what could fill those few hours each day that I truly worked.

Finally, I was reading a blog by John Patrick the other day (something about health care) and I noticed that he had a hobbies page. He listed the various activities he’s been involved in since he retired some years ago. That seemed like an interesting exercise, especially given all the thinking I had done about hobbies.

What you read on the page linked below is what came of this little exercise. I was gobsmacked! No wonder there’s not much free time in my life. Another blog I follow, Robert Platt Bell, talks about how much television the average American watches (five hours per day), and I’m nowhere near that accomplishment. Now I know why.

You can read about my hobbies here.Grandpa Guy Havelick