High School Skit and Proms

Joyce & Guy - Prom 1967

Joyce & Guy – Prom 1967

Lately the letters from Grace and Lucy have been about the various dances they went to in high school. I don’t remember my mother ever talking about going to dances, she never taught me how to dance, but I never missed a dance. In the early days it was John, Mark and me going to the dances just to watch the bands and talk about their guitars and drum kits. Later on I became interested in taking girls to the dances.

The first dances I remember going to with a date were the ones at the Masonic Lodge. They were pretty formal affairs, with dance cards and such. The school put on a number of dances, too, like homecoming. Generally it was pretty important to never go to the dance alone.

There was one dance that I must have gone to alone, but maybe my memory fails, as all I remember is standing just outside the main door talking to a beautiful blonde girl for the entire evening. Maybe John and Mark just got tired of waiting for me to get done talking?

The last big dance I went to was arranged by a buddy of mine down the hall in the dorm when we were sophomores. Tom said he had a cousin who needed a date to the Prom, and I had just broken up with the beautiful blonde. The story of that evening demands a whole post of its own. It’s a great story, and I don’t know the ending yet. There’s a picture of that prom in a prior post.

Grandpa Guy Havelick



Grace Writes:

One year we put on a skit during half time at a basketball tournament. All the girls wore white blouses and dirndl skirts in pastel colors. The teacher said to buy one yard of this particular fabric to make the gathered skirt, so that’s what I did.

Of course my skirt was about up to my butt because you can’t make a very long skirt from 1 yard of fabric. All the other mothers got 2 yards so everyone elses were much longer. Needless to say I felt like an idiot in it + besides I couldn’t carry a tune in a bushel basket let alone sing, so I didn’t enjoy that experience of being in a chorus line too much.

I did get to go to the prom every year. One time I went with Leslie Whitney. One year with Bruce Bowerman, the neighbor boy at the farm. And one year in Jamestown with Jim Harty in my junior year. Also went to the homecoming at the college in Jamestown with a guy from Robinson. It was always fun to go+ enjoyed it. I always made my own dresses.

Grace Letter 018

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  1. I think the reason mother never went to dances was she never learned to dance when she was in school. When I was in high school, mother wanted to take a ballroom dance class. Norris didn’t want to go, so she asked me. I thought it would be fun. Every night before we went to dance class, she would have a drink (to help her relax). Ballroom dancing classes with my mother. A good memory. Smiles

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