Second Year at Steele High School

In this letter Grace shares something I had never heard before, and never did hear in person from her. She talks about a young man that she knew well, but never “went out” with. Is that a common thing? What comes to mind is a certain young lady who was very special to me in high school, we were together many times, double dated and such. We enjoyed many of the same activities in school, signed the yearbook with some special sentiments, but we never hit it off. Now, how many years later, we are still friends. Somehow that closeness never developed into a deep romance. Maybe that’s good?

Grandpa Guy Havelick



Grace Writes:

Steele high school

Steele high school

I think I enjoyed that second year at Steele a lot more than I did the first. I was so bashful + scared to talk to anybody that a lot of kids thought I was stuck up. Guess its hard for all kids to start in a new school, it sure was for me. We always had a homecoming dance + ball game in the fall with a queen + all that goes with it. That year someone nominated me + another gal to run for queen. She got elected but it was quite an honor anyway.

We also went to Bismark for a basketball tournament one year. Pat Williams was living in Bismark then and was at the tourney with Bismarck kids. He told them I was his cousin, why I don’t really know. When he was in the service he sent me a pretty green pleated scarf. About 20 years later I went for a drive with him in Jamestown + we talked about how we had always felt a closeness to each other as those we had known each other in a previous life or something. Our birthdays were one day apart. He died when he was only 42 in the doctor’s office from a heart attack. I miss him + yet we never even went together. Life is strange.

Grace Letter 019