High School Graduation



Don’t be misled by the title and first sentence of this letter from Lucy. There’s almost nothing in there about graduation. This is a love story.

After reading this story I better understand why Lucy let me call or come over to see Judy every night after we met. She and Ken were as smitten with each other as Judy and I were.

My favorite part of this letter is the fudge. Does every couple have a story about a dessert going bad that first summer of marriage? For Lucy, it’s fudge. For Judy it was chocolate cake. Our lives are full of stories. This one brings back a smile.

Lucy writes:

Graduating from High School was nice but what to do next was the question.

One evening the next winter I went to a basketball game with Evy my friend. I saw a man across the hall sitting by my brother. I said “That is the most handsome man I have ever seen. If he isn’t married he’s mine.” He said to Pat “Who’s that pretty girl in the white sweater set?”

Pat replied “Oh, that’s just my sister.” Ken said “I’ll marry her one day.” So Love. ♥ From the time I went on a blind date with him until we were married, I never did anything but spend time with him, He worked nights at his dad’s garage. He’d buy crackers & sardines or pineapple juice & ice cream. Lunch served in a greasy old garage was heaven. I never was invited to his home for lunch, dinner, or to get acquainted. Mother never had him over either but I became Mrs. Kenneth Thurlow anyway. Mother wanted me to get married at home (which I was always sorry I didn’t do) but I said no. On Sat Eve after much coaxing and we were married on Monday by the judge in Moorhead because no physical exam was required.

We had 2 pillows and a quilt my mother made, $60 and a sport coupe – Ford. Not even a place to live. The next day Ken had to go to work so Stan & I went apt hunting. We found one cheap room with a bed, a hot plate & 2 chairs & a table. Lizell & Dick …

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Lucy Letter 021

came to visit. I knew they were coming and I couldn’t bake so I made fudge. It didn’t get hard so Ken & Dick took the chairs. Lizel & I took the bed & we ate fudge with spoons. Just laughed about it then & now.

Ken got every other Sunday off at which time we’d go to Gardner and Mother Thurlow would send home loaves of bread, cookies, candy, anything she could pile into the car. You see Ken made $15.00 a week. He was always paid on Saturdays so by the end of the week if we had $1.00 we’d go out to a movie (western shoot-em quick) and have lunch afterwards. I don’t have the slightest notion why but we were so happy, but we were.

We soon moved to a bigger appt, but the land lady was so horrid, she’d come into our apt while we were gone. She’d use our chairs. Take food out of the cupboard, come & visit and stay & stay & stay. Religious nut. One time she asked me to go with her one afternoon she had something she just had to do and couldn’t do it alone. Well I ended up in the visiting room at the County Jail and she prayed & prayed to some man she knew. He had lived in her apt at one time. He was so bored and so uncomfortable. I wanted to be just anywhere but there.

Lucy Letter 022