Leaving the farm

The last couple of weeks I’ve written about music. Lucy is one of the people in my life who epitomizes musical talent. When I first met her she sang with the Fargo Sweet Adelines. In the many years she sang with them she was part of multiple quartets and performed around the country. One of her personal triumphs was the trip the Fargo chorus made to England. Many times Lucy told me about the “little girl from Gardner, ND who sang in Royal Albert Hall in London.

TubaLucy’s love of and talent for music caught on with Judy, too. For years she sang with the Rochester chapter of Sweet Adelines and the church choir. Her highlight was singing Bach’s Mass in B Minor. The Rochester Chamber Chorale performed the piece again this year and we attended the concert. What a thrill it must have been to sing at such a beautiful event. These days Judy plays drum and sings with a local band called Ravensfire. A bodhrán is far easier to transport than a tuba.

Watch for letters about Lucy’s adventures with the Sweet Adelines.

Lucy writes:

Thirteen was a magical year for me. We left the farm. The day we left I looked out the door and made a vow to myself “Never never have anything to do with a farmer!!”

I did go with Don (a farmer) for 2 ½ years and felt terrible to have to stop. We both felt so bad, but no farm. The rest of my high school was so great. No long cold trips to school – right across the street and we were there.

My brother Pat worked at the school and I baby sat children nights and weekends. Pat worked after school sweeping floors, washing blackboards and earned “Seven dollars a month.” Well, I’d lend him money and charged him interest. That kept me in spending money. You know he never complained. He was so honest. All of our family was so schooled in fairness and honesty.

In my senior year I had two skirts. One was black wool and one was brown corduroy. Just no one wore slacks or pants of any kind. The three blouses and two sweaters were all the tops. I entered an amateur contest one day and won $15.00. With that money I bought a coat, a class ring, and graduation announcements. I played a tuba solo and Ken Kennedy said “Where’s the horn going with the girl?” High school was such fun. Boys – Dances – Singing – Band – Basketball – and living in town!!!

Lucy Letter 023