Ice Breakup

Neighborhood kids straddling the Pipestem Creek

Kids from Louie’s neighborhood on a “bridge” straddling the Pipestem Creek. He may be one of them.

Nothing stirs a young man’s heart like springtime in North Dakota. In this story Louie tells us about yet another escapade that could have gotten him into serious trouble, or worse. As usual, a similar thing happened to me when I was about nine, but absolutely nothing untoward happened.

I was walking home from Mark’s house. He lived just east of Klaus Park and I had to walk through it to get home. Well, not through it, but on the road around it. The little pond in the middle of the park called out to me, even though I was late for dinner and it was starting to get dark. The temperature had dropped during the day, enough to form a layer of ice on the oxbow pond in the park. Oh! Joy! Smooth ice to slide around on!

This was the strangest ice ever. In my nine years of skating, ice had been hard every time I fell down. Not today. It bounced up and down with me. As I ran and slid across the ice it bowed up in front of me. Ice does that when it’s thin. Very thin.

Nothing bad happened that day. My brother Eric tells a similar story with a different ending. But you came here for Louie’s stories, not his kids’ stories.

Louie writes:

Thinking back to when I was in my very early teens. I found that I done some very stupid things and got away with them – about the most stupid thing took place in the spring of the year in Jamestown.

Louie Letter 021

PS … Louie didn’t catch either Eric or me after our ice escapades. No WOW for us.