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Eric, with his mother, grandmother and his children.

Eric, with his mother, grandmother and his children.

Our grandmother Fanny was born in 1899. My grandson Heath was born in 2009. According to the actuarial tables, he has a good chance at living into the 22nd century. I clearly remember my grandmother, and Heath will probably remember me throughout his life. That’s over two hundred years that my personal experience can exist.

Fanny’s parents are just names on paper to me. Their stories really don’t exist for me, and my grand children know neither the names nor the stories. Not many people are remembered beyond their days. What stories can you tell of an individual who lived in the 1700’s? Unless you paid close attention in history class, and have worked at maintaining that memory, there aren’t a lot of stories, beyond the apocryphal story of the young George Washington chopping down the cherry tree. Personally, I know exactly nothing about my ancestors in the 1700’s.

In the spring of 2014 when I realized that Grandma Fanny’s stories were fading from the family memory, I started this blog. It grew out of my 1994 project documenting stories of Jim, Lucy, Louie, and Grace. Retelling their stories and writing my own became my passion for this year.

That passion has caught on. Some years ago Eric wrote a series of stories about his life and gave a printed copy to his daughter Erin. Eric has decided to share those stories with you all, and he has even started writing new ones!

I’ve read the stories and can honestly tell you that they are compelling. Every life has challenges and highlights. Eric has done an outstanding job of collecting and remembering what happened to him in the last fifty years.

By sharing with you, Eric runs the chance of exposing some embarrassing happenings in his life. There is also the much more exciting risk that he will be remembered as a good human being.

I feel good providing the vehicle for family and friends to know us better and to remember these great stories.

Watch for my brother Eric’s stories starting next week.Grandpa Guy Havelick