New Beginnings

Ken and Lucy

Ken and Lucy

The months after the war ended must have been heady times. Ken and Lucy had worked in Seattle for a couple of years after training in Minneapolis. They met new people, grew up, and visited with relatives passing through Seattle to and from the Pacific Theater of operations. Not bad for a couple of kids from Gardner, North Dakota.

Now they’re off to new adventures back home in Fargo. Family was there. After such an adventure they must have been eager to just go home.

Lucy writes:

We left Seattle with such a happy feeling you just have no idea. Of course – no job, no place to live – the little house on “Hungry Point” (that was what our section of town was called) was no place for someone expecting to have a baby. Everything changed again.

NP travel brochure for Yellowstone National Park. From Wikimedia.

NP travel brochure for Yellowstone National Park. From Wikimedia.

We stopped in Billings to see Auntie Grace and George. They decided we should see Yellowstone Park so we stayed for two days. Everything at the Park was closed except one group of cottages. I was a bit squeamish. Bears outside the cottage – however that was such a beautiful three days.

When we arrived home Dad Thurlow met us and we went to Gardner. First thing Ken had to do was go to Wayne’s (his brother). Velma fried bacon + eggs – something we hadn’t had for so long. We just ate + ate.

I stayed with Mother T while Ken went to Fargo to find a job + sell the old house so we could buy another. Got $1000 for it.

Ken bought an old house. Had to sand the walls in the kitchen they were so dirty. He then spray painted the whole house, sanded the floors (no running water yet) and Mother wouldn’t allow me to go home to that terrible smell. I was pregnant. Well – now Ken started to “stew” – I just had to be home. He put in a phone and called me many times a day to be sure every thing was OK. He was a terrible expectant father. I got along just fine.

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