Going to Camp Rucker

Louie and Alan K in January 1951, ready to travel to Alabama.

Alan K and Louie in January 1951, ready to travel to Alabama.

One of my earliest memories, certainly a planted memory, is of being in the ocean as a baby. As I read this letter, it’s clear that I couldn’t possibly remember something that happened to me at age one. Maybe it’s the pictures from the old photo album, or the stories that Mom and Dad told me as I grew up. The time in Alabama was probably a highlight for the little girl from the Dakota prairie.

Louie remembers the tragi-comedy, not the nostalgic part, of the trip to Alabama.

Louie writes:

Back in 1950, when Guy was just one week old, the National Guard outfit I belonged to was activated because of the Korean War or Police action whatever you wanted to call it.

The unit was to go to Camp Rucker, Alabama on the 16th of January by troop train. On this train we had, sleepers, a dining car, a place for cooking the meals and also KP duty (Kitchen Police). I being just a private did my share of the KP duties.

On the first night going through Minnesota you could see out the train window that it was a beautiful moon lit night and very – very cold.

Louie Letter 024