The Year Following Susan’s Death

Ken and Judy in 1956

Ken and Judy in 1956

In this letter Lucy moves from the greatest sadness of losing a daughter to several wonderful and exciting events. I knew Lucy for over thirty years and she was always the most optimistic person around. Even when things seemed to be headed south, she could see through the disaster and predict that goodness and light were just around the bend. The happiness she describes here shows the fulfillment of that optimism.

The two friends Lucy writes about, Verna N and Judy F, were always there for Lucy. The job at WDAY served her well until she retired at age 79.

Lucy writes:

The year following Susan’s death we just spent so much time having people in, going to movies and keeping busy. My Mother was there for us. She began baby sitting for Verna Newell. Didn’t know at that time that Verna would become a life time friend, singing in quartets and working at WDAY together.

We decided that we should shake the idea that having a baby entailed the possibility of losing another. We could not stand the idea so I went to the Dr, had a physical and immediately became pregnant.

Grand opening of

Grand opening of “Cass County Implement” in April 1956. Ken and Lucy to the left, Fred with the black hat.

So May 19 my beautiful child was born. She was named after Judy Flaten a special friend. “Judy Lou” No way to explain the happiness we knew. Ken would stand in front of the window for the longest time – he’d even come during his noon hour. Kept saying “she’s beautiful isn’t she?” to everyone who would pass by. Each day the mail came, so many people sent congratulations. I felt so close to her and I still do. She has always been the light of my life.

Family picnics at Oak Grove, trips to the lake, Audrey in college so was with us all the time until Larry came along. Ken wasn’t too sure about him but Audrey was.

Ken went into business with Fred Eisenhower “Cass County Implement”

Lucy Letter 032

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  1. Brings sadness to my heart, I remember when our family lost Susan and how sad we all were – Thank God for Judy, She was such a blessing an helped ease all the pain our family was going thru.

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