More on the Police Action in Korea

Louie in Korea, c. 1952

Louie in Korea, c. 1952

Louie continues the theme of confounding letters, mixing the fun and excitement with the fear and dread. His description of jets flying overhead brings to mind the times WW II bombers have flown over Rochester on demonstration flights. Even the noise from one of those bombers raises the specter of a hundred of them ready to rain tons of explosives on us unsuspecting civilians.

After talking about the sight of a napalm strike, Louie describes two friendly fire incidents. Sobering thing, war.

Louie writes:

During the “Police Action” in 1952 I was with a group of fellas that enjoyed watching the Navy and the Air Force conduct strikes on the North Koreans.

The Air Force had this straight winged Jet that sure made a lot of noise going away from you, letting you know that it had been there to see you.

One of the sights that were unforgettable was the Napalm strikes that were, in a gruesome word, beautiful. They would fly in low and drop the napalm bombs and let go just before the target.

Louie continues …

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