Learning to Drive

Eric writes:

When my friends and I started turning 16 and getting our drivers licenses, a whole new world opened up for us.

When I look back on it, there were a few times that we could have been killed. One example is a night when Rick Barnes and I went out to a movie. He was already 16 and had his license. I was still 15. Rick had a friend that bought us each a bottle of booze. I remember it was blackberry brandy.

Drive In Theater (by Matt Wade)

Drive In Theater (by Matt Wade)

We went to a drive-in theater where we could drink while watching the movie. I don’t even remember the movie. Anyway, we each drank our bottle of brandy. As we sat there we realized that we were really getting drunk. I guess it got us spooked so we decided to go home before the movie was over.

We started driving up Federal Blvd. At about Hampton Avenue, Rick pulled over to puke. He just stopped, opened the door and puked out the door. He didn’t even get out of the car. I don’t remember anything after that. The next day, Rick called me and asked how we got home. I told him I didn’t remember a thing after he pulled over to puke. He said he couldn’t remember either. That scared us both pretty bad. So we made a pact to never drink and drive like that again.

My first year of High School was at Lincoln High School in Denver. I had a good circle of friends that year and enjoyed school. Tenth grade, I think I enjoyed gym class the most. I had a free period after lunch, so I joined in with the gym class that hour quite often. I was there so much the gym teacher thought I belonged in his class. In the spring we moved to Arvada a month before school was out. So Mom drove Chris and me to school every day so we wouldn’t have to switch schools. Chris was going to Kunsmiller and I was at Lincoln.

— Eric H

Photo credit:
By UpstateNYer (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons