College and a good job

Eric writes:



We moved back to Denver. and moved into JoAnn’s parents’ basement while I looked for work. For a period of time, I did furniture repair work for JC Penney Company and Krause’s Sofa Factory. Eventually, I went to work with my brother. Linn.

This was around 1988. Linn wanted me to go back to college. He felt it was important for me to have an advanced education. He was right. So I started working toward an associate degree at From Range Community College. Then Linn convinced me that I would be better off going to the University of Colorado instead of wasting my time at a community college. So I went to UCD for a couple of years. Eventually, I figured out that in this case Linn was wrong. So I went back to FRCC and finished my Associate Degree and have never regretted it.

I worked with Linn for three years as an office manager/industrial hygiene technician and Phase Contrast Microscopy microscopist. I had experience running a small business, and he had the Certified Industrial Hygienist certification. Together, we put together a pretty good shop. At our peak there were six of us working in the office. We got to the point that we needed to expand and hire more people or cut back on the work we were taking on. I felt, as did Tom, a fellow in the shop, that we should expand. Linn decided to cut back. In fact, within a year he shut down the place and sold out to a laboratory that we used.

We all went our separate ways.

— Eric H