Horse and Buggy

Farm house where Lucy grew up. Gardner ND

Farm house where Lucy grew up.

From the time I knew Lucy until she left us in 2008 music was the important theme in her life. She was always part of the church choir and other activities. In this letter Lucy talks about riding to school in a horse-drawn buggy. Music plays a key role in the story. One of her earlier letters also described riding to school with her brother and sister, and this story adds to the drama.

There are so many comparisons we could make between today and ninety years ago. They had dirt roads, horse power, mud, boarders … my grand children have none of those challenges. As I write this, two of the grand kids are sitting on the couch playing with iPads. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

At least they seem to love music as much as Grandma Lucy did.

Lucy writes:

My folks always took in High School students during those depression years, if they couldn’t finish high school. After Alice + Lewellyn finished school whoever was staying with us would drive the horses. Now George Beardsley was that man. He would always remark about how spoiled we were. He came from a very poor humble home so living with us was a real treat for him.

George loved to sing “In the chapel in the moonlight.” He didn’t sing too well so it was boring to us. We used to always sing different parts and George couldn’t do it so it made him mad if we tried to harmonize. One day it had rained. The wagon wheels would get really fat with mud (Loly – 6, Pat – 10, me – 11) Pat started to sing with George and of course George stopped Pat. All three of us turned around at the same time and gave George a big push – he went right off the buggy – into the mud!!

We laughed and George never told on us because he knew he would have been out of there in no time. You know I didn’t tell my mom until many years later.

Lucy’s letter:

Lucy Letter 037

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