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I started Complete Inspection Services in the fall of 1999. I turned in my two weeks notice at Best Buy so my last day would be the day before Thanksgiving. I did NOT want to do another day after Thanksgiving there. The year before was absolute chaos. The manager offered me a three-dollar per hour raise to stay. But I told him. “It’s not about the money”, and quit.

David had gone to work for the Many Rivers Adolescent Treatment Center and told me I might enjoy working there as an on-call staff.

That fall and for the next two years I worked an average of 30 hours per week while I built up my business. Many Rivers was a fun place to work for me. There were three units for kids. The Start Unit for kids that were there for the first time had a short-term program from 30 to 90 days. Kids that returned or had behavioral problems that needed to be dealt with were moved into the Restore Unit. That program held kids for up to a year and a half.

The third unit was originally called the Eagles Unit and was later named the Stop Unit. Stop was for the kids that were there for the sex offender program. I enjoyed working with the Stop Unit the most, because the kids were better behaved and seemed to genuinely appreciate the help we were giving them. There was also some staff there that I liked better than the others.

I would help kids with their schoolwork, take them to appointments, play basketball and games with them and generally treat them as I would my child. I enjoyed being a positive role model for them. Eventually, my business picked up to the point where it was a full-time job.

Complete Inspection Services, Inc. was any home inspection company. Mostly, I worked with people in the process of purchasing a home or getting ready to sell. I would go in and spend about 2-1/2 hours inspecting a property. Then I’d create a thirty page written report on the current conditions of the home.

Most people really appreciated the work I did. But the litigious society we live in would cause some people to come back and try to sue me later if I missed something that was not visible or when I was not able to tell them something they felt I should have found.

— Eric H

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  1. Too bad. I am sure you had a disclaimer in your contract to protect you, but that still probably doesn’t stop people from trying to sue.


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