The summer of ’48

Grace in 1945

Grace in 1945

Not much happened, she says. Then the letter continues with two of the most important things that happened in her life. Was that juxtaposition intentional on her part, or did Grace decide in mid-sentence to start sharing something big from 1948?

I don’t recall exactly when I learned that Grace dropped out of high school, it may have been when I read this letter back in the nineties. I’m still amazed. Even though she dropped out, based on how she encouraged me to go to college, she clearly knew the importance of education. All four of her boys went on to college, even though she didn’t finish high school.

She says that Mama didn’t make much of a fuss. That may be because neither Fanny nor Ted even started high school, let alone finished. I believe that only one of Grace’s older siblings went for education beyond high school. Maybe she was a success by the standards of the day?

The second “earth shattering event” of the letter is the big wedding. The wedding continues in Grace’s next letter; watch for it soon.

Grandpa Guy Havelick



Grace writes:

The summer of ’48 went by with no earth shattering events that I can recall. School started and I didn’t. I became a Hi School dropout. Doesn’t seem that Mama even made too much fuss about it. Work wasn’t to available either, but I did work at a 5+10 store for a few months over Christmas and then at Preds’ for a while.

Grace and Louie wedding

Wedding Day

Mama worked at a drycleaners for quite awhile and I got acquainted with their son + went with him that fall. I think maybe I was a little wild by Mama’s standard + she was probably relived when I met Louie at the New Year’s Eve dance at the armory and started going steady with him. It was love at first sight and six months seemed like an eternity of course and we got married June 10, 1949. Esther was still living in Fargo at that time and she made my wedding dress. It was long ivory lace + I wore a big white hat with it. Esther was my Matron of Honor + she wore a rose dress. We had the wedding there at the house with just family + a few friends.

Grace Letter 044