I Loved Going to Dances

Grace and Louie wedding

Wedding in the yard

Unlike football and other sports, I did follow in Louie’s footsteps when it came to watching pretty girls at the dances. The dance Louie describes probably took place at the National Guard Armory in downtown Jamestown. When I was in high school most of the dances were there, too. It was a great place for dances, with a large stairway in the front to linger on, watching people come and go.

The first dance this brings to mind is one at the American Legion club two blocks from the Armory. The front lobby was a great place to stand and talk to friends. One particularly good-looking girl found me there one evening. Unlike Louie, I didn’t start this encounter, but the discussion led to a years-long dating experience. Some of my letters describe those days.

The other dance I think about was the one Judy and I went to in the spring of 1970. Like Louie, this dance experience led to a wedding the next year.

Louie doesn’t mention it directly in this letter, but there’s something he’s quite proud of in this letter. Since this was a short romance, ending in marriage six months later, his friends all assumed that there was a sense of urgency involved. He told me many times that I was born well beyond the statutory limit for a first-born son.

Louie writes.

I use to love going to dances when I was in my prime – the big dance to go to was the New Years Eve Policemans Ball.

The new years of 1948-49 was one of these and as usual, my roving eye and me were at their best.

I noticed this very beautiful gal on the dance floor and kept a good watch on her. Finally got up enough nerve to ask for a dance and started my line.

Why I never figured out, I told her that I had watched her bowl and thought she was very good (as far as I know, she never bowled) but this cut the ice enough to allow me to make a date with her at a future date.

That was how I met Grace Luehr – six months later we were Mr & Mrs eighteen months after the marriage Guy was born and this started a trend resulting in four beautiful boys.

Grace is sure proud of her off-spring (including all the beautiful grandchildren) this you can see at the family get together as she fusses over her brood. She is one proud Mother.

Guess I set an example for the boys to follow in choosing a beauty.

Louie Letter 100