Did you miss me?

Grandpa Guy

Grandpa Guy

More precisely, I missed sharing my story with you. But I needed a break. Cancer got in the way. (Now totally resolved). Holidays got in the way. (Is another coming?) A vacation got in the way. (Another trip of a lifetime.) Given all that was happening, I just needed a break. Since writing a blog doesn’t pay much, I figured a time out would be easy.

Everything that got in my way this year is now behind me and I’ve started writing again. This morning when an idea popped into my head and I sat down to type out the story it felt good. Writing is the strangest hobby. None of my friends seem to enjoy it. They’re into fishing, boating, biking, shooting, politics, golfing, music, arts, skiing, television, and the like. I write, among other things, but writing gives me the most energy.

Since we returned from vacation I’ve been accumulating new stories and reviewing things written last year. There’s some good stuff and a few clunkers. After my filter gets done with them, you can decide how many clunkers got through. Watch for some new stories soon. I’ll share some stories from familiar people and relate how what they did fifty years ago relates to today.

It’s good to be back. I hope some of these stories keep you coming back.

Let’s do coffee. Soon.

Grandpa Guy Havelick

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