Christmas Shopping

Merry Christmas from Guy - 1953

Merry Christmas from Guy – 1953

One of the reasons you don’t see me on Facebook contributing or reading much (beyond publicizing this blog) is the number of people who whine and complain daily about political topics. There’s the Tea Party people who are offended because of IRS regulations. The anti-gun people get irritated when the pro-gun people insult them. The anti-abortion crazies get excited when the liberal wackos feel offended. Don’t get me started on the Christians.

One target of the whiners is welfare recipients. Give ’em a drug test, they say. Where do they get off thinking they need a smart phone or Internet access? Get a job already. The anti-welfare complainers irritate me. It’s that irritation that keeps me from reading Facebook posts and, especially, from responding to political diatribes on Facebook.

Why would I be so sensitive?

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Swimming around Jamestown

Why was swimming such a big deal in the old days? Swimming played a big part in my childhood, but now my appetite for swimming is satisfied with about three minutes per year in a pool.

Guy & Judy sailing on the Jamestown reservoir

Guy & Judy sailing on the Jamestown reservoir, 1975.

Swimming was what we did in Jamestown during the summer. It had been for years. In the Great Depression the CCC built a swimming pool in Pipestem Creek, next to Klaus Park, just down the street from our house. They had cut a new channel in the river, controlled the input and output of the large concrete-lined pool, built a bath house and landscaped the area. It must have been a beautiful sight in the day, there were lovely lawns with trees planted artistically along the hillside and river.

By the time I roamed the park the bath house was long gone, except for the concrete floor, and the pool itself was just another channel in the river, but with concrete sides. My little friends and I spent a lot of time back in that woods looking for treasure. Most of the treasure consisted of various rocks, sticks, and the occasional critter. Continue reading

The Caribbean Sea

Update in progress. Please do not read this.

Jim loved movies. He seemed to know every star and director of every movie from his era. He was forever talking about movies and actors I didn’t know. As I age out towards (and beyond) the age when he was relating those stories, it’s obvious that I know many movies, actors and directors that my kids have never heard of. Just like Jim. Are we doomed to be just like the people who raised us? I hope so.

“plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”

Jim includes this letter early in his series because he spent WWII in the South Pacific in the very ship that’s being filmed for this movie. Early in the war he had been in the bowels of the ship. During their deployment he was promoted to work on the bridge.  He lived exactly those scenes, at least once and maybe more.

I imagine that Jim could have been one of the sailors stripped down in the Caribbean sun, waving his shirt at the camera boat. Could he have been an “extra” climbing on the guns? His squirrely attitude fits that opportunity.

Grandpa Guy Havelick


Originally published 2014-10-20
Updated 2017-02-01

Jim writes:

AwayAllBoatsWho hasn’t heard of the movie “Away All Boats” starring Jeff Chandler and Lex Barker? This WWII saga recreated the landing of American forces on a Japanese held island in the South Pacific during 1944. Universal-International Film studios in cooperation with eighteen U.S. Naval ships, thousands of troops, in full battle gear, planes, tanks and landing craft enacted a very convincing portrayal of a wartime assault on an enemy in all its horrors and furies!

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