Spittin’ Belchin’ Cussin’ Contest

S B C contest 1974 - 3One of the habits I picked up from Jim was reading Playboy magazine. For the articles. The last time I bought one was when they had an interview with the new governor of Minnesota: Jesse Ventura. Those were heady days for this state, and it was a good article. I read the magazine for the articles. They also featured news about off-beat events that readers might be interested in.

In 1974 one of the events they previewed took place near my Mother’s home in Colorado. Central City. We loved to visit that small and historic town in the mountains. They had museums, cafés, little shops, and an opera house preserved from the mining days in the previous century. (That being the 19th century.) We enjoyed the drive from Denver and a day in the mountains. Since then gambling has taken over the town and all that’s there now are casinos and parking lots. We haven’t been there since.

Playboy featured a brief article about an event planned for Central City … a “Spittin’ Cussin’ and Belchin’ Contest” at the opera house. God was on our side, and the contest took place while we were in Denver for an already planned late summer vacation. My mother and Norris thought it would be a fun day, and even my brothers thought it would be a good time. Little did we know. Continue reading