Learning to Drive

I think this is Grace


Learning to drive is one of those coming of age events that everyone marks time by. I learned to drive in the small town of Jamestown, ND. Grace learned to drive on the farm on the North Dakota prairie, and she didn’t think she could learn to drive in the big city. She was living in Denver, CO when she wrote this. Driving in that metropolis is a challenge. I clearly remember taking the drivers test in Denver. We turned right onto South Colorado Boulevard when the proctor told me to turn left in six blocks. Across six lanes of traffic. The gravel roads around Kidder County weren’t very wide and you wouldn’t see that many cars in a month!

Grandpa Guy Havelick



Grace writes:

Learning to drive in those days didn’t seem to be such a big deal as it does now. I think I got my license at fourteen. It was easy to get used to driving by going into the field to get the cows + driving into town with Mom. The roads were gravel and narrow but rarely another car on them. I never could have driven in traffic like kids do now.

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