Second Year at Steele High School

In this letter Grace shares something I had never heard before, and never did hear in person from her. She talks about a young man that she knew well, but never “went out” with. Is that a common thing? What comes to mind is a certain young lady who was very special to me in high school, we were together many times, double dated and such. We enjoyed many of the same activities in school, signed the yearbook with some special sentiments, but we never hit it off. Now, how many years later, we are still friends. Somehow that closeness never developed into a deep romance. Maybe that’s good?

Grandpa Guy Havelick



Grace Writes:

Steele high school

Steele high school

I think I enjoyed that second year at Steele a lot more than I did the first. I was so bashful + scared to talk to anybody that a lot of kids thought I was stuck up. Guess its hard for all kids to start in a new school, it sure was for me. We always had a homecoming dance + ball game in the fall with a queen + all that goes with it. That year someone nominated me + another gal to run for queen. She got elected but it was quite an honor anyway.

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High School Skit and Proms

Joyce & Guy - Prom 1967

Joyce & Guy – Prom 1967

Lately the letters from Grace and Lucy have been about the various dances they went to in high school. I don’t remember my mother ever talking about going to dances, she never taught me how to dance, but I never missed a dance. In the early days it was John, Mark and me going to the dances just to watch the bands and talk about their guitars and drum kits. Later on I became interested in taking girls to the dances.

The first dances I remember going to with a date were the ones at the Masonic Lodge. They were pretty formal affairs, with dance cards and such. The school put on a number of dances, too, like homecoming. Generally it was pretty important to never go to the dance alone.

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First Date

Judy & Guy at Prom in 1970

Judy & Guy (left) at Prom in 1970

When I was in high school my friends and I went to a lot of dances. There were dances at the KC Hall, the Masonic Temple, the Legion Club and the high school. My interest was much more in the bands than in the girls, at least for the first couple of years. The only ones that had “dance cards” were at the Masonic Lodge. They were more formal, especially compared to the KC dances.

The memories that stick in my mind about the dance cards were that the last dance had to be slow, and the last two dances had to be with my date.

Lucy writes:

When I was twelve years old Delos Burley (He was called “Fuzzy” later because he was a very hairy person.) It was a party at Halloween time. When he stopped to pick me up he told my mom “She’ll always be my girl.” He was half right because we were always good friends. At that party we “bobbed” for apples. I was trying for one and …

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