The Longest Dentist Visit – Ever

8047597258_c33b79f5dd_mI went to the dentist last week, and it reminded me of the time when I was in college and went to the dentist.

Money was short, so I didn’t go to the dentist often, and my dental hygiene habits weren’t as good as they are today.

As I settled into the reclining chair the dentist did a few quick probes around my teeth and asked the fateful question. “Would you like a free cleaning and checkup?” I didn’t need to know anything else. What could go wrong? This was toward the end of the school year and the dental hygiene students were getting ready for their state board exams. Part of the process was demonstrating skill at cleaning teeth. I was to be the subject of that examination process.

They asked me to return the next week for the cleaning appointment, which was an easy thing for me. Once again I settled into the reclining chair for what would be one of the most memorable experiences of my life. A cute young hygienist put the little blue bib around my neck and started working. Continue reading