Papa was Sick

Grandpa Ted and Fanny in 1939

Grandpa Ted and Fanny in 1939

There are a couple of things about this story that have always got me to thinking. One is what was his actual medical issue? Could it have been Crohn’s disease, the issue I’ve dealt with for years? This story probably also contributes to my lack of respect for chiropractors. Maybe I’m reading too much into it?

Fairview Cemetery, where many of the clan are buried, is a beautiful place. In 2008 I created a short video of the cemetery to illustrate the secluded beauty of the place.

Grace writes:

In the fall of 1939 after getting the new car Mama and Papa made a trip to Nebraska and down to the Ozarks. Guess he had some cousins that they went to visit.

Papa was sick a lot with his stomach and went to S. Dak to doctor with some chiropractors at Canistota west of Sioux Falls a number of times.

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