The Caribbean Sea

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Jim loved movies. He seemed to know every star and director of every movie from his era. He was forever talking about movies and actors I didn’t know. As I age out towards (and beyond) the age when he was relating those stories, it’s obvious that I know many movies, actors and directors that my kids have never heard of. Just like Jim. Are we doomed to be just like the people who raised us? I hope so.

“plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”

Jim includes this letter early in his series because he spent WWII in the South Pacific in the very ship that’s being filmed for this movie. Early in the war he had been in the bowels of the ship. During their deployment he was promoted to work on the bridge.  He lived exactly those scenes, at least once and maybe more.

I imagine that Jim could have been one of the sailors stripped down in the Caribbean sun, waving his shirt at the camera boat. Could he have been an “extra” climbing on the guns? His squirrely attitude fits that opportunity.

Grandpa Guy Havelick


Originally published 2014-10-20
Updated 2017-02-01

Jim writes:

AwayAllBoatsWho hasn’t heard of the movie “Away All Boats” starring Jeff Chandler and Lex Barker? This WWII saga recreated the landing of American forces on a Japanese held island in the South Pacific during 1944. Universal-International Film studios in cooperation with eighteen U.S. Naval ships, thousands of troops, in full battle gear, planes, tanks and landing craft enacted a very convincing portrayal of a wartime assault on an enemy in all its horrors and furies!

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