I always did love tomatoes

256px-Rotten_tomatoesLouie doesn’t say how old he was when they collected over-ripe tomatoes. Let’s imagine nine or ten. Then imagine that he’s your son. I’d be unhappy if my ten-year old boy was pulling this stunt. Louie’s mother was a hard-core Baptist who shouldn’t have put up with such shenanigans. Maybe things are different when dealing with the tenth child? The oldest had finished school and moved far from home. This kid was just out having fun with the neighbor kids.

The good news in these stories, so far, is that Louie is never the one caught. That will change as he ages.

Grandpa Guy Havelick



Louie writes:

During the fall of the year and during the evening hours we had a garden raiding gang that collected over ripe tomatoes.

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