Life Sucks, Then You Die

IMG_4572Life sucks. Then you die.

You’re right, that does sound a bit harsh. I agree. The third sentence of that saying doesn’t improve your opinion, either! “Get used to it.”

Life sucks. Then you die. Get used to it.

On the surface that sounds like the most depressing view of life anyone could have. To the contrary, for me it is a tool that reminds me of the joy and satisfaction that comes with living a good life and appreciating the goodness that comes my way.

Life sucks. There is no way to avoid the suckiness. That’s one of the tenets of Buddhism. Suffering is the human condition. There will be problems. A loved one will fall seriously ill or die. The person you thought you loved does something incredibly bad. The ignorant fair-haired boy got the promotion ahead of you. You are diagnosed with a serious, possibly fatal, disease. Most of us, specifically me, have lived through every one of those situations, and far worse.

Then you die. There’s only one way out of this life, and I’m not clear on exactly what follows. But dying is part of the plan. If you are a soldier in a war, there’s a good chance of coming home in a bag. If you drive a car, you might find yourself not driving home. If you are lucky enough to celebrate too many birthdays, some important body part will wear out. Then you die.

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