Swimming around Jamestown

Why was swimming such a big deal in the old days? Swimming played a big part in my childhood, but now my appetite for swimming is satisfied with about three minutes per year in a pool.

Guy & Judy sailing on the Jamestown reservoir

Guy & Judy sailing on the Jamestown reservoir, 1975.

Swimming was what we did in Jamestown during the summer. It had been for years. In the Great Depression the CCC built a swimming pool in Pipestem Creek, next to Klaus Park, just down the street from our house. They had cut a new channel in the river, controlled the input and output of the large concrete-lined pool, built a bath house and landscaped the area. It must have been a beautiful sight in the day, there were lovely lawns with trees planted artistically along the hillside and river.

By the time I roamed the park the bath house was long gone, except for the concrete floor, and the pool itself was just another channel in the river, but with concrete sides. My little friends and I spent a lot of time back in that woods looking for treasure. Most of the treasure consisted of various rocks, sticks, and the occasional critter. Continue reading