Frozen Road Apples

Louie in the New Mexico Mountains - 1961.

Louie in the New Mexico Mountains – 1961.

I should have published this letter last winter when memories of snowball fights were more timely.

Winters in Jamestown were incredibly cold and the snow drifted pretty high. When I was a kid it seemed like every winter had snow drifts higher than my shoulders. Does that happen any more?

During snowball fights we tended to stick with snowballs, the other option being ice balls. My friends didn’t want to get hit by one of those. Some of them would throw them anyway, not caring what happened to me.

Have you read that list making the email rounds on the Internet, the one about all the stuff we did as kids but we somehow survived? They mentioned the lack of seat belts and helmets, but getting hit by a road apple was not on the list. Perhaps it should have been. Maybe Louie would have added it.

Grandpa Guy Havelick



Louie writes:

North Dakota had some very cold winters, so cold that it seemed that everything froze. including cow and horse droppings.

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