About Aunt Esther



Esther is one of Guy’s aunts, his mother’s older sister. Her interest in family history and writing partly inspired this blog. After leaving the farm she attended Interstate Business College in Fargo, where she met and married Louis. They had two sons and moved to Libby, Montana where they lived for several years.

After a career in civil service in Arizona, she retired to Oregon to live near her son, Pat.

She wrote several short stories about her early life on the farm in depression-era North Dakota that are featured in this blog. You can click one of the sample letters below. To see all her letters, select Esther’s Letters in the Prior Posts by Category list.

  • Grandpa Guy’s Aunt Esther - Back in the nineties, when Esther heard about my family story project, she decided to write a few stories of her own. This upcoming series of eight posts includes her thoughts on her parents’ lives on a farm in North Dakota. Esther was my mother’s older sister, born on the North Dakota prairie early in […]
  • Promise of the Prairie - Grandpa Ted caught North Dakota Fever in 1919. According to other stories about Ted and Fanny, Ted had spent a summer in the Red River Valley working on a farm, fell in love with the land, and decided that’s where he wanted to start his own farm. Thousands of other people caught that same fever. […]
  • Mama - A hundred years ago a mile was a lot longer than it is today. In this story Esther relates that they didn’t get to visit her grandparents very often, and then just for funerals. The five hundred miles from North Dakota to the old home in Nebraska was just too much. That distance barrier still existed […]
  • The Doctor Book - I grew up in my Grandmother Fanny’s house, getting most of my medical care from the same woman who treated Esther in this story. Esther describes the all too common wound of a foot punctured by a random nail. As a wide-ranging eight year old child, bare foot most of the summer, I stepped on […]
  • Papa - I never knew my maternal grandfather Ted. He died long before I was born. There’s only one material connection between him and me; a copy of Tom Sawyer stories by Mark Twain. The book was a Christmas gift from his sister Frieda in about 1901. That single connection lends credence to Esther’s comment that he […]
Fargo ND

Esther, at Interstate Business College. She is second from left.