About Grandma Grace

Grace in 1945

Grace in 1945

Grace was born in the late 1920’s in Kidder County, North Dakota. Her formative years were on the farm. She moved to Jamestown with her mother, meeting and marrying Louie Havelick. They had four boys, one of them Grandpa Guy. After a divorce from Louie in 1961, she married Norris and moved to Colorado.

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  • Grace’s letters – On the Dakota Prairie - Most of us were born in town, in a hospital, and grew up on a street with sidewalks and other houses. My mother had none of those luxuries, and a childhood quite different from mine, starting with where she was born. Grace grew up on a farm in the middle of North Dakota during the […]
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  • 1929 Chandler - This was one of Grandma Fanny’s favorite stories. Grandpa Ted won this experience, even if he got sort of snookered in the process. My brothers and cousins all have versions of the story that differ in many details, but the result doesn’t change. Ted got a fancy new car. Any time two people tell a story, […]
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Grace and her favorite horse