About Grandma Lucy

Lucy at WDAY in Fargo ND

Lucy at WDAY

Lucy is Grandpa Guy’s mother-in-law. She grew up on a farm in eastern North Dakota, married Ken and moved to Fargo just before the war (WWII).

After the loss of her first daughter and husband, she worked as the telephone switchboard operator and receptionist at WDAY radio and television for many years. Her main hobby was singing with the Sweet Adelines barbershop chorus. She and her friends traveled the country, including an overseas tour, singing and entertaining themselves and thousands of friends.

After retiring from WDAY, she lived the last ten years of her life in Rochester with her beloved daughter Judy, grand children and great grand children.

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  • Lucy’s Letters – Into the Good Life, the Hard Way - Lucy was born on a farm about a hundred years ago. In this, the first of the letters Judy’s mother Lucy wrote to me in 1991, she shares her earliest memories of growing up on a farm near Gardner, ND. Two things stand out for me in this letter. First is her description of walking around in […]
  • Starting School - I remember trauma on the first day of school, too. In her first letter, Lucy describes her first day of school, and she implies that there could have been tears. I’ll bet that Lucy’s mother had trouble on the first day of school, too, as her daughter, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter all had great reluctance to […]
  • Lucy’s Family - Both Lucy and my mother Grace grew up on North Dakota farms. Roads were dirt. Electricity and telephone were rare. By the time I started grade school there televisions were showing up in our neighbor’s house. The similarity of Lucy and Grace’s experiences show the circumstances of time and place. In this letter the item […]
  • Grade School - Now that we are taking two of our grand children to school every morning and picking them up most afternoons, this story seems especially appropriate to relate. We drop them off at Franklin school … and isn’t it a coincidence that Louie went to Franklin, as did I? The two-room school that Lucy describes is […]
  • Grandma Colwell - There’s always something special about grandmas. Lucy was one of those special ladies. In this letter she relates three short stories about her grandmother. Lucy writes: My Grandma was (my mother said) a person everyone loved. She was a mid-wife, also the mother of 17 children, two sets of twins and one set of triplets.
Lucy is second from the right

Sweet Adelines Quartet. Lucy is second from the right