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Grandpa Guy

Grandpa Guy

Here are a few things to tell you who you’re reading about in Grandpa Guy’s blog.

  • Born in North Dakota
  • Majored in Electrical Engineering in college
  • Worked for IBM for almost forty years
  • Dabbled in so many things: coffee, Tai Chi, old cars, single malt Scotch, cooking, running and more.
  • Married to the best grandma in the world
  • Fathered two children, both now married with children of their own
  • Still feeling good about life
  • Needs to hear and share stories

Each of those items are featured in current and future blog entries. Feel free to write to me with your ideas about this blog.

I’d love to hear from you.Grandpa Guy Havelick

Here are some of Grandpa Guy’s stories. For more stories, click Guy’s letters in the Prior Posts by Category list.

  • She’s Gone - We had a friend whose favorite saying was: “That’s an event to mark time by.” She recited that line every time something important happened. Weddings. Graduations. A new house. Retirement. My preferred metaphor for those events is comparing to a book. “We’ve turned a page.” Or “That’s a new chapter in our lives.” Judy and I […]
  • Tri-County Tailwind Tour – 1987 - On a sunny spring day in 1987 eleven young men met at Rochester’s Silver Lake Fire station to ride with the wind for the eighth Occasional Tri-county Tailwind Tour (TTT). You can read much more about the first tour in my 2015 post, Tri-county Tailwind Tour. After each ride, I tried to capture the moment […]
  • It’s All Relative - I like clocks. Those of you who know me well know that I do not like being late. I stay on time by watching the clock … in a good way. As a child I liked clocks, too. I liked to take them apart. Sadly, I wasn’t very good at putting them back together. I took apart […]
  • Stranger in a Strange Land - As a boy, I spent untold hours at the library looking for books. My mother let me go to the library alone as early as age ten. Within a couple of years I’d bring home three or four books at a time, read them in the evening, and head back the next day to get […]
  • How did this happen? - We see them everywhere downtown. This is Rochester, home of the world-famous Mayo Clinic. It’s common for us to see a person in a wheel chair, often sporting a tied scarf to keep a head warm. The hair was probably lost due to a difficult treatment for some medical condition. I always feel bad when […]