About Uncle Eric

Eric Havelick

Eric Havelick

Eric is Grandpa Guy’s brother.

  • Born in North Dakota
  • Lived in Colorado, Montana, Texas and Minnesota … the family wanderer
  • Worked as an Upholsterer, Firefighter, Prison Shop Supervisor, Industrial Hygienist, Microscopist, Building Inspector, Security Guard and Certified Pharmacy Technician
  • Owned a horse farm
  • Enjoys flying as a private pilot, camping, fishing, hunting, drinking coffee and talking with friends
  • Loving life, family and friends

Here are some of Eric’s letters. Click on the link to Eric’s letters in the Prior Posts by Category list.

  • More stories - Our grandmother Fanny was born in 1899. My grandson Heath was born in 2009. According to the actuarial tables, he has a good chance at living into the 22nd century. I clearly remember my grandmother, and Heath will probably remember me throughout his life. That’s over two hundred years that my personal experience can exist. […]
  • Introduction to Eric’s Letters - Eric writes: Christmas 2011 Dear Erin, When I was growing up, we lived with my Grandma Fanny for several years. She always talked and talked. She had several wonderful stories from the farm about Grandpa selling barbed wire for fences, Grandpa winning a car, or her trading chickens for a car, and so many more. […]
  • Earliest Memories - Eric writes: What have I done with my life since August of 1957 …. my birthday. I was born in Jamestown, North Dakota. I had a Mom, Dad, and two older brothers, Guy and Linn. When I was really young, we moved to Alamogordo, New Mexico where my Dad was stationed in the Army. I don’t remember […]
  • Lincoln School Neighborhood - Eric writes: My first friends were Lori and Shelly Sucy, who lived just across the street from our house on 4th Avenue. Next door to them was Bonnie Schmidt. These were my playmates until I started the first grade. I still remember getting my first kiss from Bonnie while we were sitting on Grandma’s front […]
  • First Taste of Flying - Eric writes: When I was in about the third grade I got my first taste of flying. It was over the Fourth of July week when Jamestown had the Stutsman County Fair. Out at the airport, the Fixed Base Operator gave airplane rides for a penny per pound. Since I weighed about 40 to 50 […]